Pink Drive the 5 Workbook

Pink Drive the 5 Workbook

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Let's Goal! Looking for more in your life but you're not sure what it is, where to start or how to get there? Maybe you know what you want, but you've stalled or taken a detour. Get ready for a new ride. DRIVE the 5 is your personal achievement guide. It will shift you past the roadblocks and into the fast lane of success!

This fun interactive workbook (complete with journal pages for the 21-day challenge) will give you everything you need to define what you really want and why you want it, and give you the execution solution to finally MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN. Includes instructions for making a digital Vision Board that will keep your goals in front of you every day!

Built on the foundation of the popular DiSC behavioral assessment, this guide will teach you to identify your basic DiSC style and understand how it factors into your performance. Once you understand what drives you and what stalls you, the workbook will take you through the 5 simple steps of setting and achieving any goal. Whether you're looking to achieve just one goal or design a whole new life, experience the breakthrough with DRIVE the 5 and live your best life NOW.

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